We are a group of NYU adjuncts and New School part-time faculty who sought fair representation by running for positions on the Executive Board, the office of NYU Unit Chair, and seats representing the NYU unit on the Joint Council of our local, ACT-UAW 7902.

Mission Statement

The Workers in Unity slate is committed to the principle that members are the highest authority in our union. We are united by a progressive vision of a local that is participatory, politically engaged, and democratically run.

Many of us were involved in winning the significant gains of our newest contract with NYU by rejecting concessions, organizing a successful strike authorization vote, and bringing fellow adjuncts to the table to testify about the value our labor creates for the university.

By drawing strength from our diversity and emphasizing rank-and-file organizing, collective action, and worker solidarity, we seek to empower our local to stand up for our interests and those of workers everywhere.

Workers in Unity Election results.

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Voter Guide

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Voter Guide

Who We Are

We are visual and performing artists, radio producers, lawyers, playwrights, psychologists, game designers, editors, social media strategists, technologists, filmmakers, multimedia and television producers, business and organizational strategists, union organizers, computer engineers, social workers, and human rights, racial justice, immigration rights, and queer activists. We come from a range of socioeconomic, ethnic, religious, multi-lingual, and racial backgrounds, and we recognize the value in our diversity.

We represent almost every school within NYU, and we teach at The New School as well. We are currently serving on the Joint Council, on the NYU Adjuncts Organizing Committee, and as newly elected Stewards. We were on the NYU Adjuncts Bargaining Committee in 2022 fighting for a better contract—and pushing for open bargaining. We worked hard to turn out support among NYU adjuncts to authorize a strike, and we formed a Strike Committee in readiness. We marched on the picket line at the New School. We were active in the One Member One Vote campaign and the campaign to elect Unite All Workers for Democracy (UAWD) candidates in the UAW national election.

We are workers united in action to make our union better.

Our Platform

  1. **Members are the highest authority in our union—**not union leaders or officers or representatives, but us, the rank-and-file workers. That’s what it says in our bylaws! But that’s not the way our local has been operating. We’re here to change that.
  2. Participation requires transparency. Transparency is a nice-sounding buzzword—but without action and accountability, it doesn’t have teeth. Members can’t have a voice if we can’t see what’s going on. We believe in reciprocal open communications, open meetings where everyone’s invited, making minutes, votes, and decisions public, and showing how our dues are spent.
  3. We are intersectional and interdependent. We consider inclusivity and equity to be of utmost importance. We must continually make the effort to welcome new and unrepresented voices and have each other’s backs. We recognize that as workers, we navigate different experiences and/or oppressions based on race, gender, sexuality, age, dis/ability, immigration status, and other factors—and union decisions must reflect this.
  4. We’re better together. Working as an adjunct can feel isolating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of only broadcasting from the top down, our union should help members connect with each other for information and support. You shouldn’t have to wonder where to find other adjuncts, how to navigate bureaucracy on the job, or who to ask for help.
  5. One size doesn’t always fit all. Our local encompasses two universities and many different schools and departments, each with its own unique needs and ways of working. We want to foster more hyperlocal organizing to inform and engage members down to the school and department level. This will help ensure that no one is overlooked when it comes to things like negotiating contracts, allocating resources, and sharing information.
  6. We are part of a bigger movement to uplift workers everywhere. Now is the time for solidarity with all workers fighting for respect, including academic workers of all stripes. We support our colleagues in Contract Faculty United currently fighting for recognition by NYU, and we stand together with workers organizing, negotiating, and striking in our own universities, across NYC, and nationwide. Our struggles are not isolated ones, and we will seek out and join with our allies in this movement.



“Adjuncts at odds with current union leaders in run-up to internal election,” Washington Square News, May 4, 2023

Adjuncts at odds with current union leaders in run-up to internal election

Meet Our Slate

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Executive Board

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